Vinyl Flooring

We are a one stop solution for the entire range of Vinyl Flooring for hospitals, health-care centers, administration and office buildings, schools, nurseries, as well as commercial and industrial facilities.With our enriched industry experience and extensive domain expertise, we are able to deliver quality services that exceed the client expectations in all respects.

From classic to contemporary we cater for all tastes and designs.

Our floor coverings have very good functional properities. They distinguish themselves high durability and great resistance to attrition and bending. Resistance to dirt and easy maintenance are specific for them. Floor coverings are offered in wide palette of designs and colours what allows to choose appropriate floor covering for any interior. Assembling of flexible floor coverings is very easy. Sheets of floor coverings can be combined with welding cable what allows to create your own design and in the same time keep tightness and durability of the floor covering.

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Wood Strips

We provide Vinyl Wood Effect Flooring Tiles to a variety of clients, our range of Vinyl Wood Effect Flooring Tiles have been selected to complement our clients requirements when choosing their Vinyl Wood Effect Flooring Tiles.

Sparkle Tiles

A common choice for Indian clients whom prefer a "sparkle thought". ceramic and marbles are tough and brittle. with the Sparkle Vinyl Series. The flooring is now resistant to shock due to its flexibility and softness. a feel of royalty with a dedicate touch, just like the "Taj Mahal"

Wood Planks

These are non asbestos flexible vinyl floorings brought to you with a combination of elegance, warmth,charm and richness of natural products like wood and marble The wood planks are availble with an exceptional heavy duty wear layer of 0.3mm which gives the product an excellent abrasion resistance. They also have a matt finish UV coating to protect colour fading and also provide a dust repellent surface for easy maintenance.

Marble Tiles

These tiles captures the feel of real marble tiles by suspending tiny ceramic beads and flecks of silver within the urethane coating of the vinyl. This means that unlike any previous faux stone, Natural Elements tiles look the part and bring the luxury of real marble into any space. At the same time, these come with all the advantages of vinyl. A highly resistant, durable substance, vinyl needs no polishing or waxing and is very easy on the budget. With its warmer, softer texture, it fits the feel of more spaces than actual stone does at a fraction of the cost.

Parquet Planks

Our Art Select Parquet collection sees our most elegant and intricate Oak designs made available in the timeless classic format of Parquet. Select from light, mid and dark toned wood parquet floors.

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