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Flooring that is almost as easy as vinyl to clean and maintain, withstands the heaviest pedestrian traffic as well as trolleys and castors?,still looks new after years of abuse,will not open or unravel at seams and has outstanding design and logo capabilities


Flotex is recognized worldwide for uniquely providing the benefits of ‘carpet' and ‘resilient' floors into a single floor covering by an unmatched manufacturing process called ‘electrostatic flocking'.

Flotex has approximately 10 times more fibres per square metre than carpet. Its unique construction ensures dimensional stability - in other words you will never experience curling, rucking or shrinking. It is a safe surface for your feet and wheels alike, regardless of wear or volume of traffic.

Flotex fibres and backing are equally impervious, waterproof and rot proof allowing the textile floor image of ‘carpet' to be washed and scrubbed just like a standard vinyl floor.

The super density of Flotex's smooth, upright pile of 80 million fibres per square metre makes it crush-proof and extremely durable, which when combined with its unique stain resistant characteristics, maximizes appearance retention.

Thanks to an effective, active antimicrobial treatment, Flotex offers consistent protection against bacteria - including MRSA and E.coli, moulds such as athlete's foot fungi and the development of stale odours. Allergy approved.

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